BenchMark Group – financial and investment company, founded in 2003

Trading on the financial markets

BenchMark Finance is a MIFID-licensed investment intermediary, providing brokerage services for over 30 000 financial instruments on the international financial markets, including trading with over 10 000 shares on 21 world exchanges, over 500 futures contracts, 160 forex pairs, 6000 CFDs. BenchMark Finance also offers trading on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange with shares, bonds and compensatory instruments.

    • 2016 - “Investment Intermediary with the most significant contribution to the development of the capital market in 2016”.

    • 2015 - BenchMark introduce new version of the MetaTrader platform: Web Metatrader 4.

    • 2014 - BenchMark Finance launches BenchMark Social - a social trading platform.

    • 2014 - BenchMark Finance is awarded as “Investment intermediary with the most significant contribution for the development of the capital market in 2013”.
    • 2012 - BenchMark Finance launches MetaTrader 5.
    • 2011 - BenchMark Finance is awarded as “Investment intermediary of 2011”.
    • 2010 - BenchMark Finance launches Web BG Trader.
    • 2009 - BenchMark Finance launches BG Trader - a new platform for trading on the BSE.
    • 2009 - BenchMark Finance is awarded as “Investment intermediary of 2009”.
    • 2008 - BenchMark Finance launches a new service – trading on the international financial markets through the MetaTrader 4 platform.
    • 2007 - BenchMark Finance starts offering trading on Russian capital markets.
    • 2005 - BenchMark Finance begins a partnership with Saxo Bank A/S for Bulgaria.
    • 2004 - BenchMark Finance receives a license for investment intermediary and starts offering trading on the Bulgarian and international financial markets.

Consulting services

BenchMark Consult provides a wide variety of consulting services, including project and strategic consulting, social, economic and financial analyses, corporate consulting, budgeting and planning, structuring of investment projects and development of business plans. The company specializes in preparation, management, monitoring and evaluation of projects, plans and programs, including financed by EU funds. BM Advisers supports Investors and their families to be eligible to receive Bulgarian Permanent Residence and Citizenship through investments. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced experts in the field of structuring and implementation of procedures for public offering and private placement of securities, as well as preparation and servicing of tender offerings. Our clients are a variety of central and local authorities and administrations, as well as private companies and organizations.

Central Authorities and Administrations:

Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Registry Agency, General Labor Inspectorate Executive Agency, Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Agency, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and etc.

Local Authorities and Administrations

Administrative Court Haskovo, District Administration Rousse, Haskovo District Administration, Sofia Municipality, SM District Krasno Selo, District Lozenets, District Studentski Grad, District Novi Iskar, Varna Municipality, Botevgrad Municipality, Byala Slatina Municipality, Vetrino Municipality, Krivodol Municipality, Tsenovo Municiplaity, Teteven Municipality, Stamboliyski Municipality, Kotel Municipality, Pavlikeni Municipality, Varbitsa Municipality and etc.

Private and Other Organizations

Lavena AD, Fazab AD, Mekom AD, Expat Beta REIT, Fund Estates REIT, Todorov AD, Lomsko Pivo AD, Bross Holding AD, ITD Network AD, Leasing Company AD, EBRD, HIC Planet AD, Beta Pharma AD and others.